Part 3 – How to safely and successfully buy a car privately

Welcome to the final chapter of Pacific Auto Finance’s  ‘How to safely and successfully buy a car privately’ informative series. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 here. In this final instalment, we’ll offer our tips on how to negotiate with confidence while also considering those essential factors such as registration papers, warranties and insurance.
Negotiating the Price
Now that you have test driven the car and confirmed that the VIN hasn’t been tampered with or altered, it’s now time to negotiate the price.
You should determine a realistic offer based upon your research and taking into account any repairs, overdue servicing or replacement of items that is required (worn tyres, overdue oil change, scratched / damaged paintwork or interior, etc.)

When making a realistic offer to the seller, let them know if you have made any adjustments for any required repairs. Be careful not to make a very low unrealistic offer, as this may upset the seller and they may then not be willing to negotiate further to a fair price. Just as you want to get the lowest sale price, the seller wants to get the highest sale price – the key is to negotiate a price that you are both happy with.
If the seller has allowed you to test drive the car, they are generally committed to selling the car for a fair and realistic price. It is important that you don’t let your emotions overtake the process by either paying too much because you ‘must have’ the car, or by upsetting the seller through trying to win the negotiation at all costs.
If the difference between your price and the seller’s price is relatively small, then explain to the seller that there are other cars that you are interested in seeing. This may then influence the seller’s decision as they may not want to lose the sale over a nominal amount.
Once you are both happy with the sale price, you should always get the final sale price in writing. This will provide the seller with comfort, knowing that you are fully committed to the purchase, while also helping to prevent the seller from renegotiating the price or thinking about selling to someone else.
The Final Step to Owning Your New Car – Rego papers, warranties, insurance.
If financing your new car, you should obtain a copy of the registration papers and the seller’s details and forward them to your Pacific Auto Finance consultant so that we can get the document process underway.

A crucial thing to remember at this point is the value of a used car warranty that can protect you from future mechanical issues. Pacific Auto Finance can organise an extended used car warranty for up to 5 years that, in some cases, will provide similar cover to the manufacturer’s warranty.
The most important aspect of taking delivery of your new car is ensuring that you have suitable insurance cover in place. Pacific Auto Finance has access to some of Australia’s most reputable insurers and we can arrange insurance cover that is right for your personal circumstances.
It is worth remembering that an insurance policy is only as good as when you go to make a claim and a cheaper policy may have very limited coverage and repair options as well as many exclusions.

Please feel free to contact our friendly finance consultants on 1300 182 144 or at should you need any assistance with the finance for the purchase of your next car. Happy hunting!