caravan finance

Where will your new set of wheels take you?

As the cold winter months have started to fade, spring has come around to greet us with its warmth. This is the best time to spring into action, and where you are can make all the difference. Explore some of Australia’s best camping and caravan spots with our fantastic caravan finance options. Flexible caravan finance […]

payday loans

Pay day loans: A quick fix or a vicious debt cycle?

What are payday loans? Payday loans are a short-term financial solution that usually come at a high cost. These loans consist of small amounts of money being borrowed at high-interest rates against your next pay cheque. You repay the loan through deductions from your pay cheques or via direct debits from your nominated bank account. […]

new vehicle

4 Things you need to know when buying a new vehicle

Buying a new vehicle Buying a new vehicle, whether it is a car or a motorbike, is always an exciting experience. Pacific Auto Finance has written up a guide to help get you started on this thrilling journey. Our ultimate goal is to get you the best deal when it comes to your financial needs. […]

Cellar Door Destinations

                          With the Easter long weekend coming up, it is the best time to visit some of the wineries that make this region famous across the globe. If you’re a lover of food, wine and the finer things in life, the Margaret River […]

Road Trip Destinations in Australia

                      Nothing screams “road trip” quite like Australian Summers! It’s all about leaving the big, busy city behind and escaping into the wilderness. Now is the best time to jump in your car and make countless memories with your family and friends, especially with the […]

Why rent when you can buy?

Dreaming of owning your own home? Did you know that for a similar weekly amount you pay in rent, you could be paying off your very own home? Pacific Auto Finance has a division especially dedicated to home loans. For over two decades now, Pacific Auto Finance has helped Australians get into their new homes. […]

Close call for WA surfers

When you think of Pacific Auto Finance, you associate us with your financial needs. However, Pacific Auto Finance is also a proud supporter of Mick Corbett, son of founding Director Phil Corbett. Mick, a well-known world-wide big wave surfer from Perth, travelled to Europe with his mates in search of 100 foot monster waves and went through […]

Australia’s most iconic cars

With Australia’s national day of celebration just around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to revisit Australia’s most iconic cars! To help you celebrate this Australia day, Pacific Auto Finance can help you get that new set of wheels with low interest rates starting from only 4.8%. Get into your new […]

Can you tell the original from the copy?

As China’s car market booms, they have come up with a way to avoid the time and expense of research and development. China’s knock-off car industry has been growing by the simple “borrowing” of ideas and designs from well established car brands of the world and they’ve been doing it for a fraction of the cost! […]

SEMA 2016

SEMA 2016 has again showcases some wild vehicle concepts and mind blowing vehicle customisation by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers and talent. The SEMA show has become a great opportunity for manufacturer and suppliers to display the unique customisation of their vehicles as well as highlighting their designers creative visions.