Are you dreaming of owning your very own home?

Pacific Auto Finance has been providing Australians with home loans for over 25 years. We can offer the very best home finance by comparing loans from over 30 top financial organisations. With finance options to suit everyone, our home loans offer great flexibility and make it much easier for you to afford the home of your dreams.

At Pacific Auto Finance, we have finance options to suit everyone, whether you are:



Buying your first home may seem like a daunting financial decision but the experts at Pacific Auto Finance can help ease the stress. We will clearly explain your borrowing capacity and obligations, apply for the FHOG (First Home Owners Grant) on your behalf and ensure that you are placed with a lender that suits you and your financial needs.




If you have already purchased a home before, you will be well aware of the complexities involved in purchasing a home. This is why you should allow the professionals at Pacific Auto Finance to assist you with finding a lender that suits your unique circumstance. If you are looking to move to your next home, Pacific Auto Finance has access to the best lenders Australia has to offer.




Financial situations can change with time and so can interest rates and products. Pacific Auto Finance can offer you a free Home Loan Review. The Pacific Auto Finance team can help you find a strategy which will benefit you in the long run by simply rearranging your finances and possibly find you a better interest rate and reduced monthly repayments.





Credit cards can become an unfortunate long-term debt. On the other hand, home loan interest rates are a lot cheaper than credit cards, so it might be more cost effective to roll these debts into your mortgage. By consolidating your debt you may be able to get a better interest rate and reductions in your monthly repayments.  




The Pacific Auto Finance team can work with your tax advisers to structure the most effective and efficient loan facilities to acquire and hold property. We understand that wealth accumulation through investment properties is a preferred choice for a lot of our clients. Our team of experts can assist you whether you are a first time investor or an experienced investor owning multiple properties.




So contact your Pacific Auto Finance Broker now via email info@pacificautofinance.com.au so we can help you secure your home loan today!