If you are a business owner and looking to purchase new commercial vehicles or business equipment; a chattel mortgage could be the best choice for you. Put simply, a Chattel Mortgage is similar to a property mortgage where the borrowed sum is secured against the value of the chattel (i.e. a car). This type of finance can be great if you’re a sole trader, looking to purchase a new company fleet or even upgrade your existing fleet of vehicles.

One of the best features of a chattel mortgage is the option of flexible balloon repayments. Often suiting small businesses who will have access to large sums of money further down the track, or companies with assets who will receive large cash payments at intervals, a chattel mortgage is a great way to get access to a new car for a small immediate outlay. Indeed, the chattel mortgage finance have flexible contracts and at Pacific Auto Finance, we offer terms from 12 months through to 84 months.


At Pacific Auto Finance, we have a long history of experience with chattel mortgages and the lenders who provide a large number of competitive loan options.  

Moreover, a chattel mortgage can offer numerous tax benefits. Here are a few tips to discuss with your accountant:

  • Claiming against the GST portion of the vehicle
  • Claiming tax deductions on the interest you pay
  • Claiming tax deductions on the vehicle depreciation

A chattel mortgage can be a smart solution for your business. Our staff are happy to discuss why you should consider it when upgrading your next company car.

Low Interest rates from 4.59%*