For those unfamiliar to company car allowances, it is an employer/employee payment scheme where the employer covers the vehicle expenses for the employee. Sometimes this payment is in the form of a company car, but more commonly, it is paid as a fixed amount to the employee at the end of the month. This amount is considered taxable income.

While this description seems simple enough, there are many taxation and contractual obligations to company car allowances that both employer and employees must understand before signing an agreement.

At Pacific Auto Finance, our experienced consultants understand that a company car allowance can be the most cost effective car finance solution for many businesses in Western Australia. Indeed, we have worked with a number of companies, both large and small, and found the right financing solution for their business.

In addition, we welcome employees to approach our consultants about finding the right company car allowance solution for their circumstances. Our consultants are then happy to speak to your employer and work with them to determine the most advantageous way to secure a car loan.

There are a number of different types of company car allowance schemes and Pacific Auto Finance will work this you to find the finance solution that best suits your circumstances. These schemes include:

Our consultants are fully trained to ensure that your company benefits from the highest quality, cost effective company car allowance solutions. Call us, or complete an enquiry form and we will contact you shortly to discuss your options.

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