At Pacific Auto Finance, we understand that some financial circumstances are beyond your control. Whether it is an outstanding credit card debt or you’ve missed a payment on a phone bill, we believe you deserve a second chance. For this reason, we are willing to work with you to find an affordable bad credit loan that meets your current circumstances.

Our expert consultants are specialists in providing all types of credit loans including those customers who have had bad financial experiences in the past, but are now in a position to make regular payments on car finance.


In the past, Pacific Auto Finance has secured many bankrupt car loans for clients who did not think they would be eligible. And we can help you do the same.

We can help you to assess your budget and financial requirements to tailor a payment structure to ensure you are getting a high quality loan at an affordable rate. There are many lenders in Perth who specialise in bad credit loans, but it is important to decide on the suitable option for your current situation. Our team of qualified experts are able to work with you to provide you a solution irrespective of your previous bad debt. Bankruptcy must be running for a minimum of 12 months and you must currently be working.

To see if you are eligible for a bad credit loan, call us today.