Are you considering your Trailer Boat finance options?

We can secure a competitive Trailer Boat loan for Trailer Boats of all makes and sizes. Trailer Boat Loans can be secured for new and used Trailer Boats, dealer and private sales.
We can secure a Trailer Boat loan for up 100% of the Trailer Boat’s value, allowing for residuals of up to 60%, and for terms of up to 5-7 years. In most instances only the Boat itself will be required as security.


  • Secured Trailer Boat Loans – A Secured Boat Loan is a typical consumer Boat Loan which is used by an individual to purchase a Boat or Personal Water Craft (PWC) such as a Jet Ski.
  • Re-Finance – Do you want to Re Finance an unencumbered Trailer Boat to re-fit or re-power it. Talk to Pacfic Auto Finance today!
  • Private Sale Trailer Boat Loans – Buying a Trailer Boat privately could save you money as you don’t pay a dealer premium or commission. We can give you access to the best Private Sale Boat Finance in Australia.
  • Pre-Approval Trailer Boat Loans – At Pacific Auto Finance we offer a free Boat Loan Pre-Approval service. It’s like having the funds in your back pocket.


Deciding on the right Boat Loan option for your situation can sometimes be confusing; Commercial Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage, Boat Lease are just a few of the Boat Financing options. Pacific Auto Finance can assist you with your decision making and make the process simple and easy.


At Pacific Auto Finance we have experienced advisers who can help you with Boat Financing options every step of the way. Just call and speak to one of them on 1300 288 656 or complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you at a time that suits you.